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At his route, Saint Germain has the mission to kill you. Being a member of Idea and because of what happened to his past, it all affects every decision he's making. When he's trying to kill you, resist. Find a way to escape his mansion and go back to the others Code: Realize Wintertide Miracles Saint Germain Route FINAL. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're. COMMON ROUTE Chapter 1: London Steam. Take his hand Remain defensive. Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker I want to go with Victor. Come out. Chapter 3: Educational Days. Ask Saint-Germain to teach me Go to Central London Ask Saint-Germain to teach me Mysterious. Chapter 4: Train Snatch. Can't decide Check on Saint-Germain Leave the station Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth Walkthrough - Saint Germain. Walkthrough to unlock Saint Germain True Ending: CHAPTER 1: LONDON STEAM. Take his hand; Remain defensive; CHAPTER 2: THE STRONGEST STALKER. I want to go with Victor; Come out. CHAPTER 3: EDUCATIONAL DAYS. Ask Saint-Germain to teach me; Go to Central London; Ask Saint-Germain to teach me; Mysteriou

SAINT-GERMAIN (サン・ジェルマン) CV: Hirakawa Daisuke. Chapter 1: London Steam - Take his hand - Remain defensive. Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker - I want to go with Victor - Come out. Chapter 3: A Girl's Education - Ask Saint-Germain to teach me - Go to Central London - Ask Saint-Germain to teach me - Mysteriou As for Cardia, I felt she had appeared to be a a lot stronger, bold, and sharp-minded in this route. Despite Saint-Germain's mask, she was able to see through the cracks and discern his sadness. She also surprised me with how conscious she was of her own feelings, something we have seen her struggle in other routes. She knew she loved Saint-Germain, and was not shy to express her feelings to him. Being able to get a read on him also proved to be incredibly important as she knew.

Saint-Germain|Code:Realize. 1 day ago. I really really like St. Germain, so much so that I've replayed his route over and over again whereas I've never done that for anyone else. No idea why lol. Even so, I have to agree that his route left a bad taste in my mouth as well. It was so strange about the second mansion, I mean it's known early on that he collects art, and surely the art. Saint-Germain is based on The Count of St. Germain, a real-life European courtier who was shrouded in mystery throughout his life. Saint-Germain placed 3rd in the official Code: Realize poll with a total of 1112 (13.3%) votes NOTE: I highly recommend finishing the first Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, (particularly, Van Helsing's route) before jumping into Sholme's story. Choices in BOLD fonts leads to Happy Ending. Choices in Gray fonts leads to Normal Ending. Choices in Orange fonts leads to Bad Ending. HERLOCK SHOLMES ROUTE CHAPTER 1: The Private Detective (Create Save File 1 here) - Shoulder tackle hi Code Realize - Saint-Germain walkthrough. Posted on October 24, 2015 by welcometowonderland. Related posts: - Arsene Lupin walkthrough - Abraham Van Helsing walkthrough - Victor Frankenstein walkthrough - Impey Barbicane walkthrough. Lupin will be unlocked once you've finished all four of the other characters first. (Please view Lupin's walkthrough for info about trophies!) SAINT.

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Welcome Play 4 - Welcome HomeSaint Germain CV: Hirakawa Daisuke↡↡ Last Episode ↡↡↡↡ My Social ↡↡Subscribe http://bit.ly/28RLYguTwitter http://bit.ly/1.. Unlike the other After Stories, Saint-Germain's starts off with the piece of the past we were given a glimpse of in the main game, but never the full picture of the interaction, nor knew anything about Saint-Germain's origins. Right from the get go, we learn he was a born a slave, and knew nothing of freedom or choice. He and other slaves were building a tower for a King when an Apostle of Idea attacked them, and destroyed it. At the verge of death, the Apostle gave him an.

I also was not please with Saint Germain's route. I felt icky having to make rose choices for the good ending. Btw the Future Bessings fan disc has a route for Sholmes. (Which is one I really enjoy.) My favs are Van, Fran and of course Lupin. I don't do fan art, but fanfiction. Working on a Code Realize one currently. If interested my AO3 is posted in the self promotion Sunday thread The Common Route of a visual novel is essentially the route common to all the characters, it's the initial route that will decide which specific path you go to based on your choices. The first 8 chapters of C:R are the common route and therefore are unmissable as you play through the game. Once you've beaten the common route you'll get a trophy to indicate which character's route you've started on Przegląd męskich osobistości w Code: Realize pozwolę sobie zacząć od hrabiego Saint-Germaina, czyli od osoby, od której zwykle się nie zaczyna. Powodu mogę się domyślać: po pierwsze, jego ścieżka jest spoilerem dla wątku organizacji o nazwie Idea, a spoiler tej wielkości powinno się zostawiać na koniec; po drugie, Saint-Germain w Common Route jest najbardziej tajemniczą i.

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Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~: Saint-Germain July 3, 2015 at 3:20 pm | Posted in Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~, Otome Games | Leave a comment Tags: Code:Realize, Hirakawa Daisuke, Otomate CV: Hirakawa Daisuke. Saint-Germain is a count from France who seems to have taken an interest in Lupin and the gang's adventures so he offered to help them by allowing them to stay at his mansion Code Realize: Wintertide Miracles is a Code: Realize fan disk and as such is divided into a few different types of stories. Everything needs to be read/skipped through to get the platinum so the stories will be listed in the most logical order. They can, aside from the Special Epilogues, be done in any order. As with all visual novels the story can be quickly skipped through from the menu. Romance Code Realize Code Realize Guardian Of Rebirth Code Realize Fanfic Saint Germain Fanfics Sousei No Himegimi Daisies Saint Germain Elderly Reader Guardian Of Rebirth [ATTENTION: SPOILERS FOR SAINT-GERMAIN'S ROUTE Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ other main ch a racter route walkthrough: Arsene Lupin; Victor Frankenstein; Abraham Van Helsing; Saint Germain ; Code: Realize Trophy Guide; A short background about our beloved engineer: N ame: Impey Barbicane (CV: Showtaro Morikubo) Birthday: May 17, Taurus; Age: 27 years old; Known as: inventor, engineer, tinkerer, cook; Below are the choices I made that. Go to Path of Genesis Saint-Germain's History Chapter 10 - Seeker No I can't. Keep using the poison. Saint-Germain: GAME END. . Bad End 04. Go to Path of Genesis Saint-Germain's History Chapter 12 - Time to Choose No. I'm still uncertain; Saint-Germain: GAME END. Other Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Guides.

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In Saint-Germain's route, Title Drop: In Lupin's route, Code: Realize is the name of the terrorist plot that Lupin has been trying to unravel. It's Isaac Beckford's name for his plan to supplant God. Together in Death: Implied for Lupin and Cardia in Lupin's Normal Ending. Treacherous Advisor: Aleister is revealed to be one. Troperiffic: Just look at how long this page is. The Unfavorite. Browse through and read or take code realize stories, quizzes, and other creations . [Saint Germain x Elderly!Reader] January 24, 2016 Anna . Fanfiction Romance Code Realize Code Realize Guardian Of Rebirth Code Realize Fanfic Saint Germain [ATTENTION: SPOILERS FOR SAINT-GERMAIN'S ROUTE. PLEASE DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED YET.] What about being... Immortal? Would you like to see. Saint-Germain's route - TOTALLY LUPIN. You can really feel the jealousy flow from him. He seem's 100% against Cardia having anything to do with Saint-G, and with good reason! Lupin's route - Saint-G is in love with Cardia this time around. Again it's kinda difficult to notice? He's got that air of mystery around him, but still. It's. All of the routes in Code: Realize are informative in their own way. Saint-Germain's is full of some surprising insight about the in-game world and its history. Van Helsing and Impey are great if you want to learn more about vampires. I'm a big fan of Victor myself, and what his tale tells about Cardia's father. But there's one route that helps you understand the whole story and nature.

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  1. All of the other routes felt like they were necessary to fully grasp all the necessary backstory and to tie all the plot threads together but the Saint-Germain route didn't ever feel like it was necessary in the same way. We already learn all the important information about Code Realize in the other routes, with the most important part of all (the whole thing about Cardia's father doing it.
  2. Code Realize Future Blessings Walkthrough - Finis. There are two possible endings in the Finis's route: True Ending. Chapter 1: Into the darknes
  3. Code:Realize Intro. Hello! Welcome to a quick and dirty guide on getting the true endings for all the suitors in this awesome game. Right now it's just a basic guide, but I will be adding to it.
  4. Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ ~Walkthrough~ Special Epilogue . April 6, 2019 April 10, 2020 ~ irisdollie. Special EpilogueGuide Contents. How to Unlock; Lupin; Van Helsing; Victor; Impey; Saint-Germain; How to Unlock. To unlock Special Epilogue in the main menu, you must complete the following: All 13 Triangle Dates; All 5 Alternate Story: First Christmas routes; Epilogue: Finis.
  5. ds me a lot of Psycho Pass and Kougami. The relationship between Abraham and Cardia was just beautiful and what I.
  6. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (aka Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~) is an otome visual novel for the Vita, developed by Idea Factory. It presents the story of Cardia, a mysterious girl whose entire body flows with a deadly poison and her adventures in England in a 19th-century steampunk alternate reality, complete with metal cities, airships, alchemy, repurposed literary characters.

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With the release of Code Realize: Future Blessings & Code Realize: Bouquet of Rainbows, I figured I'd do walkthroughs for the two newest routes provided in the Future Blessings fandisk! Other routes such as the After Stories for the original romanceable characters require no walkthrough as there are no dialogue options to be made, nor are there any dialogue options for the Lupin Gang side story Preview for Saint Germain's route in the most awaited Code:Realize~Shukufuku no Mirai with English subs! Let's all be pumped for the English release next year! <3 Credits to @jokertrap-ran for Code: Realize Walkthrough: Abraham van Helsing Endings I actually tried to get Victor first but somehow ended up with Arche-, I mean Van Helsing. I'm not sure if that means you have to play them in a.. Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ : Saint-Germain 25 février 2016 21 juillet 2018 myskae Laisser un commentaire Je passe maintenant à la route de Saint-Germain so im playing code:realize. 90 notes. i knew that saint germain was like the shiraishi route of the game but i couldnt help myself played right after victor who was my first route felt my life was changed forever victor frankenstein code realize c:r code: realize saint-germain lyra'sart otome. ladylyra . 1620448824. 8 May 2021. copy link to post. permalink. link copied. Anonymous. sent a.

For example, Victor's White Rose segment includes excellent scenes with Saint-Germain, and Queen Victoria continues to show positive character growth following her role in Victor's route from the original game. It was great to see all of the Code: Realize characters having roles to play even in story routes that didn't feature them predominantly. The second story you can play through in. English version for Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ CONTROLS - Menu - Confirm/Advance - Cancel - Skip Play - Quicksave - Quickload Left analog up - Log ( to rewind) SETUP . 33 Comments. Page 1 of 2 ; 1; 2; Next; sagefire Feb 14 2019 11:46 PM. Triangle Date Select New Game, press to confirm name. On this Christmas Tree screen, select the gold star. You can choose two characters for the left. Each route made me hold a special place in my heart for each of the guys you could romance in the game, even for the ones I liked the least (I almost cried at Saint-Germain's route and he was my least favourite, what the heck). The game takes place in the 19th century, the Victorian era, and focuses a lot on London and its steampunk theme and it was quite enjoyable to see. It was also. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~【Saint-Germain】Walkthrough July 2, 2020 April 27, 2021 by Jemini , posted in Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ , Otome Walkthrough to get Saint-Garmain's True, Normal, and Bad endings in Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth

Dissonant Serenity: Saint-Germain's perpetual smooth composure becomes very unsettling in some situations, such as when he's just stabbed Finis through the heart in Chapter 8, or when he and Cardia are very calmly and politely discussing his intention to kill her in Chapter 10 of his route. Cardia understandably finds the former alarming and the latter downright surreal #code realize #code realize saint germain #code realize lupin #code realize cardia #code realize van helsing #code realize victor #code realize impey #code realize van #otomate #Idea Factory #aksys games #ps4 #ps vita #playstation #playstation 4 #playstation vita #gamer #gamer girl #gamer life #gamer world #kawaii #anime #anime girl #anime. Overall, Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth has some fantastic things going for it. It's got a great cast that meshes well with each other, an interesting reimagining of nineteenth-century London with airships and vampires and more, and lovely art and voice acting. It is slightly lessened by its occasional typos as well as lack of plot resolution across certain routes, but as a whole, it.

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Victor's route was both interesting and odd. There were alot of details in his route that expanded the understanding of the Code:Realize world - mostly because of Victor's role as a scientist and previous history and prominence in the universe - but it also made it feel oddly disjointed at times with Victor and Cardia's relationship 1. Van Helsing -> Impey -> Saint-Germain -> Victor -> Lupin This route focuses on Cardia. In each route, you learn more and more about Cardia, about her poison, about her father, and about how to cure her. Van Helsing's route, I would say, is the one that least focuses on Cardia's predicament. Victor's, on the other hand, is much more heavily.

Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ PS4. Trophies; Leaderboard; Prices; Forum; 14,512 Trophies Earned; 503 Players Tracked; 31 Total Trophies; 109 Obtainable EXP; 1,305 Points 446 Platinum Club; 446 100% Club; All Trophies Earned Trophies Locked Trophies Trophy. Points. Rarity. Earned Date. C: R Master. Obtain all trophies. 89.07% (4.9) What He Chose. Clear Van Helsing's True Ending. 96.22. Full list of all 32 Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ trophies - 18 bronze, 7 silver, 6 gold and 1 platinum Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ is the first fandisc game of the Code: Realize series. Future Blessings follows the events of each route from Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth.Future Blessings is also one the two games included in Code:Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ for PS4.. In Future Blessings we follow Cardia, a young woman forced to live with a deadly touch and poisonous blood There are 31 Trophies for Code: Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows Check out our forums or ask a question for more help. AWARD TROPHIES . Gold Congratulations! Unlock all images . Gold Doors to Memory. See all ending movies . Gold Historical Mind. Complete the Path of Genesis . Gold The Girl's Future. See all True Endings . Gold Woman of Overwhelming Knowledge. Fill the Glossary . Platinum C: R. In Code: Realize, none of the love interests have underwhelming personalities, and none of the routes feel unnecessary. As an example of the depth of the heroes, there's something admirable that I feel the need to remark upon: even though Impey gets called hopeless and unreliable, and is used as everyone's punching bag, this is shown as mere comic relief between friends

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I'll just start here by saying that Code: Realize ~~gUaRdIaN oF rEbIrTh~~ isn't really my kind of thing. The harem thing can work for me at times, but when it's so obvious that you can't help but (code)realize who it's pandering to, it really does nothing for me, and Code: Realize is a great example of that. I understand this anime wasn't made for me since I haven't played the VN. That said. Achievements, guides, leaderboards, and discussion forums for Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth

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5 thoughts on {CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 5~Saint Germain Limited Edition I wasn't a huge fan of his route because it took a long time for any feelings to be shown and when they did, they seemed random and just thrown in because otome game. The CD's are available on Itunes but without the drama for some reason. I mean, the regular editions of the CDs have the drama. Saint Germain - I may or may not have shed a tear or two with this guy. DAMN IT SAN. For the route order, I think he should actually be played last before Lupin. His route was definitely the strongest of the 4 (with the exception of Lupin). My heart hurt when he touched Cardia's face and had his face burn. Sure he can heal, but the pain still exists (THAT CG MAN). But I think one problem I. Read further for correct answers to his route! Mar 16. Mar 16 Walkthrough for Saint-Germain in Code:Realize - Guardians of Rebirth C.M. Otome Visual Novel, Visual Novel, Video Games, Playstation 4, PS Vita. Saint-Germain is hard to read as a character in Code:Realize - Guardians of Rebirth. So to help, here is a walkthrough of answers that will satisfy him. Thanks! Mar 15. Mar 15 Saint-Germain. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ - Arsène Lupin Walkthrough October 28, 2015 October 28, 2015 / Corinne / 1 Comment *Note: You must complete other four main routes to unlock Lupin

Nov 20, 2017 - Shared by 특이 . Find images and videos about gif and code realize on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love videogames (Routes Need to Start) Bought: Abraham Van Helsing (Code Realize: Future Blessings) Impey Barbicaine (Code Realize: Future Blessings) Saint Germain (Code Realize: Future Blessings) Arsene Lupin (Code Realize: Future Blessings) Red Riding Hood (Taisho Alice) Sadayhosi Saijo (Office Lovers) Haruyuki Otori (Office Lovers) Isora Amari (7'scarlet) Toa Kushinada (7'scarlet) Sosuke. 2019 is a big year for otome fans. A region that is normally lucky to get a localization of any otome games is getting the second fan disc for one. It is a big deal. But, someone might also see Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracle~ about to realize and wonder what is the big deal and how to start getting into this series. Well, fortunately for you, we're experts on all things otome and more than. so im playing code:realize. #i knew that saint germain was like the shiraishi route of the game but #i couldnt help myself #played right after victor #who was my first route #felt my life was changed forever #victor frankenstein #code realize #c:r #code: realize #saint-germain #lyra'sart #otome. 74 notes . corvidiss. Follow. @very-misty-mist once (or twice) mentioned how the Seti I mummy would.

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Code Realize is a very long otome game compared to most, especially if you want to obtain all of the good endings. Throughout the game you will be given opportunities to increase your affection with the guys, how you interact with them will determine your route and ultimately how the story ends. It is possible at many points to make a decision that results in a bad ending/game over though it. Code: Realize takes place in a fantasy-filled version of the UK ca. 1853, with a specific focus on a highly steampunk version of London. The point of view character is Cardia, a girl who lives in. Code: Realize Walkthrough: Victor Frankenstein Endings Looks like the guy whose route you're on will come to your rescue towards the end of Chapter 8 and speak with you afterwards, to make sure you're..

Code:Realize - Guardian of Rebirth is an otome visual novel originally released for the PS Vita.For non-nerds, this means this video game is basically a super version of a romance novel. You play as the main heroine, read the story, enjoy the vibrant art, and then ultimately choose the gentleman you would like to romance It's a wonderful story no matter who you choose (I personally like Saint Germain's route the best. ^.^) Loved this game and highly recommend it to any otome or visual novel lover! ^.^

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Winter may be coming to a close, but second fandisc Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ provides endearing bonus fluffy bonus stories filled with beautiful CGs and cheer for Code: Realize fans who just can't get enough. Available on both PS4 and PS Vita, Wintertide Miracles can happily take its place with the other Code: Realize games and having all of them available side by side in English. When all the routes are completed, some After Stories with the main guys unlock: it was emotional, seeing the classical wedding scene or their married life; it was my favorite part of the game, it felt like the last goodbye of this great journey. So, would I recommend Code Realize Hakugin no kiseki (or wintertide miracles, as you prefer) Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ PS4. Vita. Very Easy - 204 Difficulty Points. 1; 6; 8; 16; 31; 887 of 1,062 players complete: 889 players with platinum: 204 Difficulty Points > Games > Code:Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ Trophies; Leaderboard; 100% Club; Platinum Club; Forum; Sort By: XMB | Alpha | PSNTL Rarity | Sony Rarity | Type. Hidden. XMB Type Num Earned Sony Percent Earned.

EZcosplay.com offer finest quality Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth Saint Germain cosplay costumes and other related cosplay accessories in low price. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship the Code: Realize: Saint-Germain (I don't really consider him that yandere, but a lot of people do, so that's why he's on this list.) Collar X Malice: Okazaki (Very mild yandere, to be honest, whether or not he counts as one really depends on your opinion) Sweet Fuse: At Your Sid Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ trophy guide, roadmap, and trophy information Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth - Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~follows the story of Cardia, a young woman with deadly poisonous skin, isolated from the outside world--until a sudden clash with intruders sends her on an exciting and terrifying journey through an alternate steampunk version of 19th century London

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Code: Realize Official Site Please support Aksys Games and buy Code: Realize! You can now find my complete Code: Realize walktrough on my new blog!

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Developer: Idea Factory & Design Factory Publisher: Aksys Games Genre: Visual Novel Release Date: 10/20/2015. The Vita has become a popular platform for visual novels, and lately the West has seen its share of localizations, including Steins;Gate and Hakuoki. Otome games are a popular genre in Japan targeted towards a female audience, but anyone can read a. Code:Realize ~創世の姫君~ Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ Saint-Germain: Hirakawa Daisuke : Synopsis. Recluse seule dans un manoir aux abords de Londres, Cardia attend le retour de son père, isolée du reste du monde. Son corps est recouvert d'un poison très puissant capable de faire fondre absolument tout ce que sa peau touche et de ce fait, les villageois des alentours la. TVアニメ「Code:Realize~創世の姫君~」PV Previously morimachi-riku. Jo / 20↑ / otome + idol sideblog / follows and asks from tsumoris / main blog.Here you will find screenshot dumps, my edits and reblogs. If you want to chat about otome games or anything, feel free to message me (ノ ヮ )ノ*:・ Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ lets people go through Cardia's initial adventures, then encounter the adjustments that she and her love interests would have to deal with after surviving. (code realize spoilers) I LOVE A KUUDERE FINALLY BREAKING DOWN. yes, van helsing, you have feelings, surprise

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Code: Realize's voice acting and music are also spot-on and from the first few minutes it feels as if the game is happily alive. 100% love it and I have to say that this is probably the best otome game to be localized so far. Many thanks, Aksys, and here's to hoping you bring us more gems like Code: Realize (it's fandisc content, for example *hint hint* ) in the future The point is that I came across Otomate a while back, and I've been fond of them ever since. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that I've wanted to dive into the Code: Realize series for some time. And I was recently given a chance to do that with Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~. Hooray! Okay, so, maybe not so much hooray

Aug 16, 2019 - Explore Carley Speth's board Code: Realize, followed by 207 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about code realize, realize, coding Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ is the story of a young woman, Cardia Beckford, who is left alone in a mansion by her father. He tells her she cannot leave and that she must never know love because she is a monster. Her touch is a corrosive poison that melts anything she comes into contact with save the specially designed sheets and clothing her father crafted for her Thank you Aksys Games for sending us a review code!. Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ is the third entry in the Code Realize series. To best understand the story you should play this series in order beginning with Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ followed up with Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~.The main character is a girl named Cardia whose skin is poisonous to the touch

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With this leaderboard, points are only awarded for 100% complete games. Complete refers to earning 100% of trophies for the game including downloadable content Code: Realize is a classic in the visual novel genre, particularly among titles that have been localized to English. If you haven't played it yet, you probably will at some point. Unlike the original title, where some of the paths were quite aggravating to me (*cough* Saint Germain *cough*) I found this one to be filled with mostly light-hearted fluff that was a delight to play, mixed with. The new story happens during the winter. The new PS4/PlayStation 4 Pro game Code: Realize Shirogane no Kiseki (Silver Miracles) is being released today, December 21, 2017, in Japan. According to the official website, here is the trailer video and an overview of the game's story. The blessed maiden will call for a miracle in the silver world once more

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#code realize #code: realize #incorrect code realize #Arsene Lupin #mod star #hi! i forgot this blog existed #ill try to be active again but uhhhhhh dunno how well thatll pan out! lol oops sry #i have still only played two routes #im visiting mod goat in a few days though maybe ill finally play another one while im there *eyebrow wiggle* #. Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ Links: VNStat: Shops » US$ 115.99 @ PlayAsia » US$ 58.99 @ PlayAsia » US$ 82.99 @ PlayAsia: Description. The fandisc for Code: Realize, featuring after stories for the main cast and new routes for Herlock Sholmes and Finis. content sexual content technical hide spoilers show minor spoilers spoil me! summary all. Steampunk 3.0 Scenario Selection 3.0 Child. Version anime du personnage : Saint-Germain (Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~) 0. 0. Description. Profil. Âge: Inconnu; Taille: 174 cm; Groupe sanguin: A; Date de naissance: 2 août; Poids: 57 kg; Description . Saint-Germain est un noble qui possède un grand manoir. C'est grâce à lui, que Lupin et ses amis vont avoir un endroit où se cacher et résider. En effet, Saint-Germain va.

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The Christmas routes are the main feature of Wintertide Miracles, telling stories from the perspectives of both Cardia and the chosen love interest following the conclusion of Finis' route in Future Blessings. Cardia has moved to the isolated home of her parents with her recently-reformed brother, Finis, in Wales Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ November 11, 2015. Game: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Developer: Idea Factory's Otomate Summary from Aksys: Restricted to an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of London in fulfillment of a promise to her father, lonely Cardia lives day to day isolated from the world. Her body carries a deadly poison that rots or melts anything her skin touches. Jan 27, 2017 - Visual Novel: Code:Realize // Art by: Murasaki Ay Code:Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows (Code: Realize Saikou no Hanataba) (Code:Realize ~彩虹の花束~ ) US Version - Trophy Guide buy the NA game here -> buy the JP Forum. eBay. Home; Visual Novel Releases. 2019. January til March; April til June; July til September; October til December; 2018. January til March; April til June; July til September; October til December; 2017. January til.

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